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Free Birthday Burrito + Free Queso when you sign up for Moe’s Rewards!

Moe’s is the Southwest Mexican grill that was founded in Atlanta, Georgia. Over 20 years later, Moe’s has expanded to 700 stores throughout the United States from the East to West Coast. Moe’s offer endless tasty meals such as burritos, bowls, and tacos. Moe’s also offers a healthy selection for those health-conscious people such as their Quinoa Power bowl.

The Quinoa bowl is stacked with nutritious food such a protein, brown rice, zucchini, beans, romaine lettuce, guacamole, and queso, cilantro, and corn pico. In addition, Moe’s variety of salsa are a must to try and complementary with every meal. Vegetarian and vegan options, gluten-free and meat substitution like the impossible along with keto options are available at Moe’s.

Moes wants to make sure there is an option for everyone. Aside from Moe’s great food and flavor, when you join Moe’s reward you’ll get points with moe rewards. For every $1 spend you’ll get 1 point. Once you have 100 points in rewards, you can redeem $10 to spend at Moe’s.

Free Birthday Burrito

Sign up for Moe’s Rewards before your birthday, and you will get a free ‘homewrecker’ burrito on your birthday. You’ll also get a free cup of queso instantly just by signing up. It’s a win for win with Moe rewards.

Have friends that love food? For every friend you refer and make a purchase, 10 points will be added to your bank rewards. To redeem your rewards, you will just scan your app at check out. To earn rewards, you scan at the register. If you forget to, you can still get your points by scanning the receipt. Every time you visit, you want to make sure you apply your earned points to your Moe rewards.

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal. Get spoiled with free food on your birthday plus so many Moe perks.

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