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First Watch Free Birthday Entree!

First Watch is an American Chain Restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and brunch. The name First Watch derives from the sailor’s early shift considering First Watch is only open early hours to midday. Whenever possible, First Watch claims to use fresh produce that’s locally grown and quality ingredients like organic greens and cage-free eggs from chickens raised without antibiotics.

Unlike other breakfast item options, First Watch whole grain bread is exclusively made by Orlando Baking Company, and their granola is house-made. The bread is such a hit at First Watch, that now guests can take home their own loaf of bread at the day time cafe to take home and later enjoy.

The Classic Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Egg or BLTE, comes on this artisan whole grain and so does the melt, and if the meal is paired with toast, you’ll be able to taste the crave of this thick artisan whole grain bread. Stack-able multigrain pancakes, french toast, and waffles are served from off the griddle and 100% pure maple syrup or sugar – free syrup is available upon request for an additional charge.   

For the healthier conscious eaters, gluten-free power bowls are available that are protein-packed and the perfect kick-starter to a power breakfast. From seasonal items to Italian style frittatas, chorizo omelets; First  Watch has an abundance of food that tastes as good as it sounds and looks. A complete First Watch Menu can be viewed online and if you download the app, you can order in advance.

When you join the Sun e-club here you’ll get an exclusive BOGO offer to any delicious menu item. And that’s not all! On your Birthday, you’ll also get a free entree from the Breakfast or Lunch menu. There are so many good healthy options to choose from. And don’t forget, First Watch also offer seasonal drinks that are a must try.     

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